I have been fortunate to have happened upon several teachers and sources of inspiration in my life. I like to think that education, for me, was not the filling of a vessel, but rather the kindling of a flame (as Socrates said it ought to be). I'd like to acknowledge my gratitude to these people and to all those who have supported me in my endeavours.

Eileen Gray
(quote from “The Other Tradition of modern Architecture” by Colin St. John, Wilson)

“We must build for people so that they can find once more in architecture the joy of enlarged powers and self fulfilment.”

Neil Sutherland  
(quote from his article “Ontological territory” Arq. magazine 2001)

“Like a sustainable agriculture, a sustainable architecture has the potential to act as a catalyst to connect and embrace the environmental, creative, technical, economic and social aspects of our lives.”

Wendell Berry
(quote from his book, “A landscape of Harmony”)

“We are going to have to see that if we want our forests to last then we must make wood products that last, for forests are more threatened by shoddy workmanship than by clear-cutting or by fire.”

Joanna Macy and Arne Naess,
(quote from “Thinking like a mountain” J.Seed, J.Macy, P.Flemming, A.Naess,  Philadelphia: New Society Publishers, 1998)

“What humankind is capable of loving from mere duty or moral exhortation is, unfortunately very limited...the extensive moralising within the ecological movement has given the public the false impression that they are being asked to sacrifice, to show more responsibility, more concern and better morals...But the requisite care flows naturally is the self is widened and deepened so that protection of free nature is felt and conceived as protection of our very selves.”


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