SITHEAN is a 3 bedroom house constructed on 2 levels with a retaining wall built into a hillside. This enables access to the upper floor (entry level) with disabled access to living accommodation and a private intimate connection with an old Birch wood on the lower level. From the sauna and downstairs bathroom one can step out into this Birchwood. From the upstairs once can enjoy the height and views and the openness of the woodland's clearing.
Built using untreated Scottish Larch, insulated with hemp and with internal walls made of unfired clay brick the house is warm and inviting.
“Suzie was the architect for our self-catering house, Sithean, which was completed in 2007.  She took the greatest care to give us exactly what we wanted and going through the design process with her was a real pleasure.  She was meticulous in her attention to detail, inspiring in her creativity and  unfailingly efficient at keeping to time schedules.  Sithean has been a huge success with all the visitors who stay there who always comment on the interesting use of space and lovely feel within the house. Sithean is a wonderful  house which honours it’s beautiful surroundings. We are delighted with Suzie’s work.”

Martin & Leonie Charlton, Taynuilt, Argyll.


please call to arrange an initial consultation, T: 01343 850011 or 07776 273562

Wester Alves Farmhouse, Alves, Moray, IV30 8XD